A-M-I-E ("friend" in french) captures Amie's infectious enthusiasm for people. Her core strength is bridging creative communities together both locally and abroad.

Amie's youth was ruled by chaos of hosting weekly rock concerts and contrasted by the discipline of being a competitive dancer. In addition to the performing arts,  Amie garnered creative resourceful skills from her Great Depression era Grandmother. Violet's family legacy was to ingrain an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and the DIY spirit. Amie was magnetized to design school at University of California Davis, and since her hands are never idle.

Making wearable products is what Amie does best, backed with 10 years of design industry experience for global accessory brands such as The North Face, Jansport, Incase, Lululemon, and Pottery Barn Teen. 

Located in San Francisco, Amie enjoys road trips, camping, yoga, nurturing plants, mycology, and can be found digging through vinyl at Amoeba Records.