Amie Gutierrez is native to the serene San Francisco Bay Area. Her father was inspired to spell her chosen name "A-M-I-E" over the traditional "A-M-Y." For this, Amie has always thought on-top-of, outside, and beyond the box. Amie's youth was juxtaposed by the discipline of dance performances and the chaos of hosting weekly rock concerts.  Thanks to her great depression-era Grandmother - at a young age Amie garnered resourceful skills as a craftsperson. She's always found solace in the quiet calm of working with her hands. Making products is what Amie does best, backed with 10 years of design industry experience for global accessory brands. Currently situated in Vancouver, BC, Amie can be found at Dandelion or Zulu Records, on her yoga mat, or at the JJ Bean on Main Street with her head in a book. For retreat, she's often concocting new ideas and creative experiments in her home studio or jetting back to her love in the city by the bay. 

Amie is available for coffee, mentorship, freelance design opportunities, product consulting, event planning, and DJ gigs.